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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley


Important Groundwater Ruling

“A Sacramento Superior Court judge issued a ruling Tuesday requiring regulation of groundwater pumping to protect a river in Siskiyou County. Attorneys on both sides say it’s the first time a California court has ruled the “public trust doctrine” applies to groundwater. The doctrine says the State of California holds all waterways for the benefit of the people.” Source: Capital…

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Public Water Quality in Santa Cruz County

Report now available online To see recent information and statistics on the health (or lack of health) of our waterways and beaches, follow the link to   http://gis.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/publicWaterQuality/

Green Solutions Watershed Symposium

On Saturday, November the 2, 2013, the Green Solutions Watershed Symposium will take place at the Felton Community Hall in the main auditorium from 1-5 PM. We are planning for 150 people to attend this event. This is a FREE community event with a beautiful Celtic harp performance, three inspiring short films, two panel discussions featuring experts on local issues,…

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Who is Responsible for Saving Coho and Steelhead?

In generations past, salmon and trout fishing were enormously popular and drew thousands of visitors to the SLV each year. In the 1970’s headlines read, “The River is Dead,” meaning that sediment from accelerated erosion and many forms of pollution were making it impossible for riparian species, and especially salmonids like Coho salmon and Steelhead trout, to survive. They could…

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