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Valley Churches United gets masked!

Valley Churches United gets masked!


Organized by Lorraine Palmer, Tina Marie To, and Chris Finnie from Boulder Creek, Masks4SLV is a project to make masks and provide them to first responders, volunteer organizations, businesses, school personnel, and residents of the San Lorenzo Valley.

The Valley Women’s Club is proud to sponsor Masks4SLV to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the San Lorenzo Valley.

As we approach the summer of 2021, the face of the pandemic has changed. Masks are now widely available. With new vaccines, the rate of infection has been dropping, and masks are no longer mandated in all situations. The CZU fire and its recovery has also challenged local resources.

Masks4SLV has distributed perhaps 3,000 masks in our community – we have depleted our on-hand stock. Our sewers have been disrupted and dispersed by the fires and we are no longer sewing more masks. However, we still have materials and forms if any organization or individuals are interested in performing the sewing to produce their own masks.

For more information:

Contact Lorraine Palmer at Masks4SLV Facebook group or directly on Facebook Messenger.
Or, email Roger Wapner, Masks4SLV Project Coordinator