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Fred and Roberta McPherson Environmental Educational Grant for Teachers

Applications can be submitted beginning August 23, 2023.
The application deadline is September 29, 5:00 PM.

Fred and Roberta McPherson
Fred and Roberta McPherson

The Fred and Roberta McPherson Environmental Education Grant for Teachers is named for one of our beloved VWC Board members and her late husband and is designed to support K-12 educators who are passionate about the environment and have creative ideas for projects that will educate students on the uniqueness of our local surroundings and the preservation of our native habitats. 

All K-12 educators in the SLV are invited and encouraged to apply for up to $1,000 to fund a project that focuses on understanding and nurturing our local watersheds and forests.

Topics might include local environmental monitoring, data collection and analysis, habitat restoration, and public education, to name a few.

Share your project with the community!

Awardees and their students will also be encouraged to present their completed work at the VWC annual membership meeting. This is a tremendous opportunity to create strong connections and bonds between the members of our community who have been involved in environmental preservation and advocacy for decades and those who will ultimately continue this vital work in the future. There is vast wisdom to be shared by our experienced residents, and who among us would not benefit from the infectious positivity, optimism, and boundless potential of our youth?

Are you or someone you know interested in participating in this exciting new project? Is there a teacher in your life bursting with creative energy and needing a little support to help them realize their innovative vision? Please encourage them to apply now and help us make this program successful for our teachers, students, environment, and community!

For additional information or assistance with the grant application or review process, please email the McPherson Grant Committee.

Applications can be submitted beginning August 23, 2023. The deadline to apply is September 29 at 5:00 PM. Decisions will be made on October 10.

Support the Fred and Roberta McPherson Environmental Education Grant for Teachers with your tax-deductible donation!

Roberta and Fred McPherson
Roberta and Fred McPherson