The Valley Women’s Club of San Lorenzo Valley


The San Lorenzo Valley Redemption & Recycling Centers (SLVRRC) operates three State-certified redemption and recycling centers as a community service. A program of the Valley Women’s Club, SLVRRC works under contract with the County of Santa Cruz to operate recycling centers at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station, as well as smaller centers in Felton and Boulder Creek.

All sites accept CRV (California Refund Value) beverage containers for redemption (a refund of the fee paid when you purchase beverage containers). This includes beverages in aluminum cans, bi-metal (steel) cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles.

In addition to the beverage containers, all sites accept other aluminum containers, plastic containers #1-#7 (lids removed), and “tin” cans. 

Due to the collapsed of the mixed paper market, the SLVRR can no longer accept any kind of paper. Please put paper in your green waste recycling bins instead.

Scrap metals, such as iron and copper, as well as eWaste, are accepted at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station. See at left for additional materials accepted at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station.

For information and current amounts paid, call 335-1728. SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers adhere to the Santa Cruz County Equal Employment Opportunity/NonDiscrimination Policy.

Your donated materials are tax deductible; ask for a receipt.

SLVRRC Director, Matt Harris Talks Trash

The Lowdown on the Closedown of CRV Redemption/Recycling Centers

Recycling bottles and cans

After more than 30 years operating the three Redemption/Recycling centers in the San Lorenzo Valley, the VWC is preparing to close down the centers, effective July 1. The Ben Lomond Transfer Station will continue to provide recycling services without any redemption options.

VWC Redemption Recycling Center

Dear VWC Members and Friends— Most of us take our bottles and cans to the closest SLV Recycling Center (Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek) and drop them off, generously donating the materials, right? Then we thank the staff, smile proudly, and drive away. . . But guess what – for the Recycling Center to get the FULL CRV reimbursement

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SLV Redemption/Recycling Centers Soon to Benefit from New Baler!

The SLV Redemption/Recycling Centers have many things to be very thankful for this year, even though we were challenged by the rapid ongoing reduction in the scrap value of materials that are crucial to help meet operating expenses. We are especially grateful for the Grant received from CalRecycle that will enable us to install a new baler.

CalRecycle Baler Grant Complete

The SLV Redemption Recycling Center’s of The San Lorenzo Valley, have many things to be very thankful for this year! We are especially grateful for the Grant received from CalRecycle. We also want to thank our local Liberty Bank in Boulder Creek, CA for providing a bridge loan tailored specifically for our non-profit needs. And a special

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Baler Grant to Fund New Materials’ Baler for SLV Redemption/Recycling Centers at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station

One of the few truly essential pieces of equipment for the VWC Recycling Centers is the huge baler at the Ben Lomond site. The baler creates large bales out of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard to make the material easier to handle and transport, thus increasing their value and reducing costs. The Recycling Centers

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Styrofoam Recycling: Densifier Project Update

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to accept or process Styrofoam. We are currently facing long term challenges with the permitting process and equipment issues. Styrofoam at this time can be taken to the Ben Lomond Transfer station and the Buena Vista landfill as refuse and is subject to a fee for disposal.

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Recycling Centers Enters New Phase- Welcome to new Director, Matt Harris!

With the resignation of Director Dave Wright, who has become a partner in a company that does strategic planning, the VWC worked fast to find a new, part-time Director, to fill Dave’s challenging job. Income shortfalls necessitated significant belt-tightening, including cutting administrative costs, so the Director’s position was revamped as part-time. An ad hoc Hiring

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Styrofoam Recycling to Begin in Santa Cruz County

Beginning January, 2015, Santa Cruz County residents and businesses will be able to recycle Styrofoam (aka expanded polystyrene, or EPS) at most of the County’s major landfills and UCSC. The EPS recycling program is a result of a grant by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County to the San Lorenzo Valley Redemption & Recycling

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River & Road Volunteers Cleaned Up!

Over 100 volunteers participated in the 28th Annual River & Road Clean Up on Saturday, September 20, 2014 and hauled more than four tons of material out of the San Lorenzo River and nearby roads. “We had a really great day” said Paul Machlis, a volunteer who cleaned up in the Felton area. “The weather

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Community TV PSA for Recycling Center

Santa Cruz Community Television is now airing a public service announcement for the SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers. Their volunteers did a nice job putting it together and we appreciate their help in promoting our recycling centers. You can view the ad by clicking here.