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Pondering the Effects of Nature on Animals and Humans

Why Do Dogs React as They Do to Certain Natural Situations?
By Lyse McGilvery

Animals react to nature and the full moon just as humans … Read the rest

Midwifery Bill Passes

By Nancy Macy

If you go back in time to the very first (11×17, hand typed and mimeographed) Valley Women’s Club Newsletter, in March of … Read the rest

Mountain Mechanic’s Chris Currier Knows the Value of Community

By Lyse McGilvery

Having lived in the San Lorenzo Valley for a half a century, Chris Currier of Mountain Mechanics has become a well-known face … Read the rest

Poem: Storm

By Barbara Paape

The cool clear stream is gone.
Instead, a chocolate ribbon
Undulates, racing across the land,
Toward the still more powerful river.

Wind … Read the rest