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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley

Landline Help

Act Now to Oppose AT&T Landline Phone Abandonment 

Many of us in the San Lorenzo Valley and rural Santa Cruz County still depend on AT&T’s landline phones as the most dependable way to call for help in emergencies like winter storms or wildfires. When the power is out, as it often is in bad weather or natural disasters, a landline may be our only way of communicating. It…

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Halloween Volunteers

Get Ready for a Spooktacular Volunteer Opportunity!

Join the BCBA and the Volunteer Witching Committee (VWC) for a safe and enchanting Halloween in Boulder Creek!

PG&E equipment on Pilger Road. Nov. 9, 2018

A New Franchise Agreement with PG&E is Long Overdue, and the VWC’s Environmental Committee is Working to Make it Happen

PG&E was granted the franchise to provide gas and electric power in Santa Cruz County, taking over from Coast Counties Gas & Electric on August 30, 1955! The Franchise Agreement (FA) with PG&E is outdated and inadequate. It must be renegotiated to address the current Values of the Santa Cruz County Strategic Plan to improve safety and reliability, to benefit…

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Sutter Health Urgent Care

Keep Urgent Care Services in Our Community

WE NEED YOUR VOICE! Sutter Health (PAMF) is changing operations for its Scotts Valley Clinic. It will no longer be an Urgent Care clinic for the community at large. This will result in residents from the San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley having to go into Santa Cruz seeking urgent care services. A wave of concern has resulted in the…

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