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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley

Felton Covered Bridge

Bridging the Past and the Future: Felton’s Controversial Pump Track Project

In 1993, Felton’s community-driven vision shaped the Felton Covered Bridge Park, preserving historic views, blending with nature, and offering a safe place for recreation. Now, questions arise about future community involvement.

Update on Pump Track at Covered Bridge Park

The VWC opposes the pump track’s location but supports the concept. County Parks seeks MOU approval to fundraise, and public involvement is encouraged when it reaches the Supervisor’s agenda. Stay tuned for updates via email.

Felton Covered Bridge Park playground

VWC Addresses Concerns and Suggestions for Felton Pump Track Proposal

VWC raises eco-conscious concerns, calls for community-aligned solutions, and historic preservation for the pump track proposal at Felton Covered Bridge Park.

Felton Covered Bridge

Unveiling Concerns: VWC’s Take on the Proposed Pump Track

In our letter to Supervisor Bruce McPherson, we emphasize the need to carefully consider environmental, safety, and community values when deciding the location of the proposed pump track.