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The San Lorenzo Valley Redemption & Recycling Centers (SLVRRC) operates three State-certified redemption and recycling centers as a community service. A program of the Valley Women’s Club, SLVRRC works under contract with the County of Santa Cruz to operate recycling centers at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station, as well as smaller centers in Felton and Boulder Creek.

All sites accept CRV (California Refund Value) beverage containers for redemption (a refund of the fee paid when you purchase beverage containers). This includes beverages in aluminum cans, bi-metal (steel) cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles.

In addition to the beverage containers, all sites accept other aluminum containers, plastic containers #1-#7 (lids removed), and “tin” cans. 

Due to the collapsed of the mixed paper market, the SLVRR can no longer accept any kind of paper. Please put paper in your green waste recycling bins instead.

Scrap metals, such as iron and copper, as well as eWaste, are accepted at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station. See at left for additional materials accepted at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station.

For information and current amounts paid, call 335-1728. SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers adhere to the Santa Cruz County Equal Employment Opportunity/NonDiscrimination Policy.

Your donated materials are tax deductible; ask for a receipt.

SLVRRC Director, Matt Harris Talks Trash

Recycling Centers Get Busy

RECYCLING CENTERS’ UPDATE By Dave Wright, Director The summer months are a busy time for recycling centers. People consume more as temperatures rise and the operators at the SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers are seeing recycling volumes increase. “We’re definitely seeing more CRV (beverage containers) as well as scrap materials coming in” said Matt Harris, Site

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River & Road Cleanup 2014

Mark your calendars for the 28th Annual River & Road Cleanup, Saturday, September 20. Rain or shine, we’ll all work together to pull trash and recyclable materials out of the San Lorenzo River and nearby roads. The cleanup goes from 9am to 3pm on Saturday and we ask that you register at one of four checkin locations

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Smithsonian on Recycling: You May Be Doing It Wrong

A thought-provoking article by The Smithsonian provides a glimpse into the growing complexity of recycling: “Recycling technology has improved a lot over the last decade, which in a way has made the logistics of what you can and can’t toss in the recycling bin a lot more confusing. “All garbage goes somewhere; it does not go

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County Recycling Contract: Support the VWC!

For over 23 years, the SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers (SLV RRC), a program of the Valley Women’s Club, has provided recycling services under contracts with the County of Santa Cruz. That contract is now out to bid, and though we feel confident the County will renew the contract with SLV RRC, we are asking

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Recycling Centers Get Green Biz Award

The County of Santa Cruz has awarded the SLV Redemption & Recycling Centers their “Green Business Certification Award”  for exceeding environmental regulatory requirements, preventing pollution, and conserving natural resources. Ana Maria Rebelo, the Monterey Bay Area Sustainability Program Coordinator, said “we’re proud of your accomplishments and effort to protect the environment” as she presented the award.

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Remembering Timmy Walsh

Former Recycling Centers’ Employee  Timmy Walsh was killed in a tragic accident at his home on January 20th. Timmy worked for the recycling center at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station from October, 2002 through February, 2009. He was a talented mechanic and was frequently called upon to help repair the recycling center’s equipment. He frequently

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CalRecycle Announces Daily Redemption Limits

Beginning January 1, Californian’s seeking to redeem large loads of beverage containers will face daily load limits of 100lbs for plastic or aluminum, or 1,000lbs for glass. For the most part, Californian’s take small loads to their local CRV recycling site; CalRecycle, the State’s recycling agency, says the average redemption is 8.7 pounds for cans and

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Director of Recycling Centers Defends CRV Centers

Our Recycling Managing Director, David Wright, wrote an excellent statement on the necessity of supporting the State CRV system in Santa Cruz City and the County at large when Santa Cruz City started to consider closing its sites.  

River & Road Clean Up a BIG Success!

Despite a long-awaited rain, the 27th Annual River & Road Clean Up was a big success this year. Total numbers of volunteers as well as the volume of trash and recycling collected surpassed the totals from  the previous year (see chart, below). The rain held off just long enough that over 150 volunteers were able

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27th Annual River & Road Cleanup, Saturday 9/21

27th Annual River & Road Clean Up Takes Place Saturday, September 21, 2013  River Road Marketing Tools Map of all Santa Cruz County cleanup locations The rivers and roads of the San Lorenzo Valley that flow into the Monterey Bay will get a lot cleaner on Saturday, September 21, 2013 when hundreds of volunteers band

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