The Valley Women’s Club of San Lorenzo Valley

List of GMO Foods Published

  The Center for Food Safety has published a list of brands in various processed food categories telling which have GMOs, which may have GMOs, and which do not have GMOs. The Guide also explains a lot about the issue, which is helpful. Read the report here.    

Health & Safety – Sharps Solution and Disposing of Medications

From Vitamins and Aspirin to Prescriptions and Syringes – You Can Protect Our Groundwater and Keep Folks Safe It is surprisingly easy to dispose of OTC or prescription medications and used syringes in the San Lorenzo Valley and throughout Santa Cruz County. County Recycling Coordinator, Jeffrey Smedberg was instrumental in establishing the Sharps Solutions Program

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Septic Care in the Winter

Water Causes Problems Santa Cruz County has strict regulations relating to septic systems in the San Lorenzo Valley that have been in place since 1995, because our Watershed has the highest septic system density of any comparable area in the State! This has resulted in extraordinarily high nitrate levels in the River and creeks, so the main

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Take a Minute to Learn About the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center

One of the most important health organizations in the County is the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center (Centro de Salud Para Mujeres). A recent grant of $1.3 million is enabling the Center to expand its services significantly. It is a nonprofit community-based clinic that provides affordable and quality health services to women and children; they

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Surprising Relevance of Certain Signs of Aging to Health

Clues May Help Prevent Heart Issues If Recognized Every once in a while a short article on a “recent health study” jumps out because it is both relevant and helpful – with real potential for helping individuals discover previously undiagnosed health issues. Danish researchers tracked the health and physical appearance of 11,000 people aged 40

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Your Shampoo Can Make You FAT

From an online Article in ONEARTH So, what else besides eating too much, and exercising too little can make you fat? What else IS there? Laura Fraser, San Francisco-based journalist, states, “This month’s issue of Obesity Reviews features an extensive look at the accumulating body of research linking the environment with obesity.” The impacts of pollution,

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Health & Safety, Winter 2010/11

Winter 2010 –2011 Check Out Preventing Child Obesity on TED Unique Online Site Offers Discussions on Hundreds of Topics By Randy Macy, CSCS You can go online to TED, and be engrossed for hundreds of hours by presentations on hundreds of topics by experts. One in particular should be watched by every parent, every educator,

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Health & Safety, Fall 2010

Santa Cruz County First Five Commission By 5th District Supervisor Mark Stone Of the numerous assignments I have as a County Supervisor, the one that may be the most personally rewarding is my representing the Board of Supervisors on the Santa Cruz County First Five Commission. As a special, legislatively created Commission it is responsible for

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