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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley


Health Issues -Some Quick Ideas

West Nile Virus Update

Go to  http://westnile.ca.gov.



Health Issues - Image for sleep5 Foods That Sabotage Your Sleep

By Melanie Haiken, Senior Editor of Caring.com

If … Read the rest

Fresh Ideas – Environmental Issues You Care About

Jane Mio Blog on lower San Lorenzo

For a new take on the San Lorenzo River, go to Jane’s blog to read a wonderful series … Read the rest

List of GMO Foods Published


The Center for Food Safety has published a list of brands in various processed food categories telling which have GMOs, which may have GMOs, … Read the rest

Health & Safety – Sharps Solution and Disposing of Medications

Sharps Solutions logoFrom Vitamins and Aspirin to Prescriptions and Syringes – You Can Protect Our Groundwater and Keep Folks Safe

It is surprisingly easy to dispose of … Read the rest