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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley

Power pole

County Supervisors Get Letter from Commission on the Environment

People Speak in Favor of a New PG&E Agreement During Public Meeting The County Commission on the Environment (COE) voted unanimously to send a letter to the Board of Supervisors containing information from the VWC Environmental Committee’s presentation on July 26th about the potential new PG&E Franchise Agreement, along with supporting documents. At the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors…

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Antique, extremely unsafe power poles and equipment

SC County Commission on the Environment Hears PG&E Franchise Presentation

The Santa Cruz County Commission on the Environment (COE) unanimously passed a motion made by Virginia (Gine) Johnson, 5th District Analyst and a member of the commission, recommending to the Board of Supervisors that the Board examine the county’s PG&E franchise fees in its nearly 70-year-old franchise agreement with the utility, adopted in 1955 as County Ordinance 470, with no end date….

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Rotten Marin Powerpole PG&E

Is a Safe Electric System Possible? Yes!

PG&E allows this unsafe equipment to continue to threaten us, whether in forests or rural areas or in a town. The failure by PG&E to provide a safe and reliable electric system is untenable. This is especially true when PG&E’s focus on Enhanced Vegetation Management (basically removing any and all trees that might threaten its unsafe, antiquated distribution lines, without regard for…

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Wires starting fire

PG&E Wastes 2.5 Billion per year Cutting Trees Instead of Modernizing Systems

COST-BENEFIT ASSESSMENT* OF PG&E’S EXPENDITURES FOR VEGETATION MANAGEMENT v. BENEFITS OF INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS  The massive system failures in Texas these last days, has awakened the nation to how our Utilities are vulnerable. From the Big Freeze we heard words such as “It is as bad as California”. PREFACE Texas, also, has a history of Utility failures. Out of cold frozen nights,…

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