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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley


PG&E’s Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings are Extremely Hazardous

The only way for PG&E to prevent wildfires is to turn off the power. Enhanced Vegetation Management failed (costing billions and destroying over a million trees since 2018), only reducing ignitions by 7%. PG&E also instituted the Public Safety Power Shutoffs in 2018 that, after the first disastrous experience, were preceded by a warning to the impacted customers. To avoid PSPS, PG&E has turned…

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The Truth about PG&E’s Role in the Dixie Fire

The Dixie Fire was the largest (non-complex) fire in California and the second largest in US history. Suppression alone cost over 650 million dollars. A person convicted of the felony of causing a fire must go to prison and pay a fine. Here is the CAL FIRE report detailing PG&E’s complete failure to remove the tree and respond to the…

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2018 Carr Fire

Achieving Wildfire Safety: Southern California Edison vs Pacific Gas & Electricity

PG&E vs Southern California Edison (SCE)— PG&E fails to provide a safe, reliable system in contrast to SCE. Since the terrible fires statewide in 2017, there has been enormous pressure on utilities, especially the three largest Investor-owned Utilities (IOUs) that provide electric power to much of the State and (unlike Municipal Utilities) are guaranteed a profit. PG&E is very skilled…

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Update on Pump Track at Covered Bridge Park

The VWC opposes the pump track’s location but supports the concept. County Parks seeks MOU approval to fundraise, and public involvement is encouraged when it reaches the Supervisor’s agenda. Stay tuned for updates via email.