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What's Happening in the San Lorenzo Valley


Tell the Governor to Help Make All California Beaches Cigarette Waste-Free


We need your help to make California beaches cleaner by going smoke-free. Send an email here asking Governor Brown to sign SB 386, … Read the rest

How to Support the Butt Stops Here Campaign

Contributions in support of the campaign can be sent with your name, address, phone, and email address, to The Butt Stops Here c/o The Valley Women’s … Read the rest

Cartoon Brochure Reminds Smokers to Keep Their Butts Off the Ground!

Tai Stills, member of the VWC’s Environmental Committee, has a talent for designing and producing eye and mind-catching brochures on environmental issues. She designed the … Read the rest

Keeping Butts Off the Ground

Colorful Critters Remind Us That What’s on the Ground Flows into the River

Two large grates near Junction Park in Boulder Creek are the first … Read the rest