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Environmental Impact Report for Mt Hermon Youth Recreation Project Should Assure Watershed Protection & That It Serves Community

Posted on: July 22, 2015 5:24 pm


  1. Having grown up in Mount Hermon and having enjoyed the Felton Meadow all my life, my family and I always lamented its development. My Dad, as director, tried to stop (to no avail) the shopping center from going in. Now, Mount Hermon calls it “a miracle” that God has delivered this final portion of the meadow to them and that He is leading them to put in an amusement park. I commend Nancy Macy for a well-balanced, thorough article in opposition to this development. Honestly, I’m shocked that Mount Hermon is taking this direction toward amusing people. They call it “adventure” with a Christian purpose, but unfortunately, I think it will come to naught. In five or ten years, they will have to abandon this project on account of lack of interest. There are not enough mountain bikers, not enough bikers who want to fly through the air, not enough airborne-type bikers who will continue to patronize and pay for this amusement. Unlike the zip lines (Canopy Tour), which have a wider appeal to a variety of people, the bike park is too specialized. Mount Hermon’s best ministries are those that directly disciple Christians and bring folks together for fellowship and teaching under the Word of God. There is nothing about that in this amusement park, it is mostly a secular “adventure.” I apologize on behalf of those who love Mount Hermon, that we have crossed the line into insensitivity toward the San Lorenzo Valley and toward the environment. Now the only “miracle” left is for this park to be cancelled.

  2. As a long time resident immediately adjacent to this proposal, I have several feelings about this plan. 1- environmental impact is hazardous to the health of the San Lorenzo Valley as a whole.
    2- Flooding is going to happen as has with or with this development. The development will impact this potential. 3-NOISE its already like a freeway here. You want to add to this. 4- Christian? Does that make your “park” Tax Exempt? not giving back to the community at all? 5- I get redtagged for a small sign on my fence and your changing the face of 12 acres ? We really dont need any “camps” designed to indoctrinate our youth with candy.

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